What is HGH?

What is HGH?

What is HGH?  HGH refers to Human growth hormone is a hormone produced by pituitary gland, spurs growth in our own body as children and adolescents. It promotes tissue growth, responsible for rapid growth and maintains the overall health of an individual. Adults who have low level of HGH receive synthetic HGH through injections to improve muscles and bones and reduced body fat which is lost due to long term illness or injury.  It affects many metabolic processes in the body and affects fat, carbohydrate, protein and minerals. It improves endurance, persistence and will-power in athletes. It also sometimes is taken as an anti-aging hormone.  Here is a video to show how it works for anti aging.

Effects of HGH

HGH has both positive and negative effects on our body.

Favorable effects

  1. It increases metabolism by burning carbs fast.
  2. It improves muscle mass by creating new tissues.
  3. It promotes faster recovery in people who have suffered any physical pain or injury.
  4. It helps in growth of bones thus preventing osteoporosis or any other bone problems.
  5. It helps in faster growth of hair and nails.
  6. It improves libido (increased sex drive) by improving erectile dysfunction.
  7. It improves functioning of heart thus increasing blood pressure and energy level which in turn results in improved hearing and eye sight.
  8. It gives smooth textured skin look and prevent muscle wasting due to any disease.
  9. It also enhances mood and cognitive functions by allowing you to sleep better.

Unfavorable effects

  1. Unwanted swelling of muscles due to body growth and regeneration of muscles.
  2. Pain in joints due to improper dosage or swelling.
  3. Serious problems in liver and heart is sometimes recorded.
  4. Physical deformations in face and hands due to unwanted growth of muscles.
  5. It is not recommended for cancer patients as it might promote growth of cancer causing cells.
  6. Body tends to go for small naps in the afternoon after taking HGH.
  7. It increases cholesterol level leading to sometimes tingling and numbness of skin.
  8. Breast enlargement in men due to hormonal imbalance.
  9. Sometimes morning aches are also observed due to muscle regeneration.
  10. More common side effects include blurred vision, dizziness, nervousness, severe headache, chest pain, hair loss etc.

A common HGH supplement is Growth Factor-9. It is made from L-ARGININE HCL, L-LYSINE HCL, ACETYLCYSTEINE, L-GLUTAMINE, SCHIZONEPETA.

Body builders most often take HGH for muscle building and repairing. HGH is considered more effective in children with HGH deficiency or adults with HGH deficiency, muscle wasting due to HIV/AIDS, or short-bowel syndrome. It is a prescription medicine and its use and distribution without prescription is illegal.

Written by BillAndersen