Ways to Stimulate HGH Production Naturally

Ways to Stimulate HGH Production NaturallyHuman growth hormone or HGH is produced naturally by your pituitary gland which is located below your brain. This HGH hormone is regulated by other body processes and is released throughout your entire lifespan.

During your teenage years until your early twenties, the HGH is responsible for regulating your growth until you reach adulthood. This is when the production of the HGH hormone begins to decline. This is bad news indeed because as the production of this hormone declines, our aging process proceeds in tandem until we die of old age or succumb to diseases. Therefore this is an important hormone as it controls numerous metabolic functions and body processes.

HGH and Aging

There’s a direct relationship between the drop in HGH hormone levels and the onset of physical changes associated with aging process such as increased in fatty tissues, low energy levels, decreased in muscle strength and size, increased risks of age-related diseases.

That is why there is a very keen interest in the research of finding solutions to slow down the decline of our natural production and even boost the level of HGH in our bodies with the possibility of reversing some age related problems by scientists all over the world.

Early Uses of HGH

In the early days when doctors first started to use HGH therapy, it was used mainly for children with arrested growth due to a deficiency of the human growth hormone. During those time, HGH was harvested from the pituitary glands of human cadavers and given to patients by injections. Can you imagine what was it like to inject a dead person’s HGH into your body?

Thankfully with modern science, we are now able to produce synthetic HGH in the laboratories, and thus the horrifying and dangerous practices of getting it from human cadavers has been discontinued for quite sometime now.

There are some major problems, though. Because laboratory produced HGH is a tedious process and synthetic in nature, along with it are issues with legality, safety because of numerous side effects and affordability which is out of reach of most people. These are some of the reasons why there’s a great interest to find out how to boost our HGH production naturally.

Physical workout exercises and enough sleep

Common approaches to this usually attempt to stimulate the aging pituitary gland to produce more of the hormone. It is also now known that intensive physical workout exercises and getting enough sleep can and do boost our body’s production of the growth hormones. Dietary supplements.

Ways to Stimulate HGH Production Naturally

For people who do not exercise or get enough sleep, dietary supplements may be the way to go for there are compelling evidence that certain supplements may stimulate the release of HGH into the blood stream to create the anti-aging effect. The supplements are  made from natural herbs to stimulate our bodies to produce more growth hormones.

So if you desire to slow down your aging process and perhaps even adding years to your lifespan, do start a healthy exercise workout program, have more sleep and supplement with natural human growth hormone stimulants.

Written by BillAndersen